The company Centro de InvestigacionesSubmarinas S.L. (CIS) was established in 1987 as a consulting firm that operates in the fields of Studies and Projects of biology and marine ecology, natural resources and new technologies, aquaculture and nature conservation, photo, video and underwater prospecting, these being the basic objectives of its activity. The company is made up of a team of biologists and chemists who, after more than 10 years of carrying out their own R&D projects, in which the company has had the collaboration of universities and research centres, have generated a catalogue of technological products related to the main activity of CIS which have improved and expanded their business areas (water quality monitoring buoys, maritime signalling systems, navigation aid software, cartographic and bathymetric information management software, georeferenced underwater video, etc.).
Established in 1960 as a Portuguese Navy unit, Instituto Hidrográfico is presently a state laboratory, with scientific competences in the areas of hydrographic surveying, safety of navigation, oceanography, marine geology and chemistry.

The main research areas in the last few years covered the dynamics of continental shelf and slope waters and interaction with the deep-sea circulation, physical and sedimentary impacts of river inputs to the shelf, geological characterization of continental shelf and slope, submarine canyon dynamics, operational oceanography, including the use of data assimilation models in Oceanography.
The company Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS) was created in 1986 by CNES (the French Space Agency). Its activities are shared between the supply of satellite services (ship tracking for governments and private industries) and research and development projects. Based on satellite data, CLS provides turnkey services for the surveillance of environment, the management of marine resources, and the maritime domain awareness.
Composite Solutions (CS) is a Portuguese SME focused on the development of integrated solutions in composite for marine environments. CS produce and install marine equipment (buoys, platforms, devices for measuring sea conditions and surveillance) for a diverse field of applications ranging from renewable energy, oil, water harvesting, telecommunications, military and aquaculture. Despite the short life of CS, the company has a strong record of R&D projects.